Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Russian Tea

...I can remember sitting in Nanny's kitchen - with it's white cabinets and orange marble countertops - on a stool by the east facing window - Nanny right beside me - we're sipping on steaming mugs of Russian Tea - just chatting away - Nanny is also crocheting a multi coloured, but mostly green, beret for my red headed cousin - I coveted that beret and Nanny said she would make me one too......that's what I'm thinking about as I package up little jars of 'Russian Tea' as gifts for friends and family...
...I was so surprised that the recipe was not credited to Nanny - but to my aunt (the mother of the red-headed cousin)...

Russian Tea


2 cups Tang
2 cups instant tea
1 package lemonade twist (I used Koolaid)
1 package orangeade twist " "
1/2 cup lemon flavored instant tea
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves
2 cups sugar

Mix together and keep in a covered container. Use about 1/3 cup of the mix for each cup of tea.


  1. The auntie recipe is what I use now for that mix and it is very good. I'm still drinking some I found in my cabinet from last winter. Nanny's was made from canned juice or frozen concentrate with fresh brewed tea and was much better. I'll see if I can find the recipe (she actually had one).

  2. oh, Mom beat me to that comment!! i remembered Nanny making it with the frozen juice! i like them both (since Tang was such a treat back then). and you sure can't ship the frozen kind!! hehehe

    love, k

  3. What a great recipe and gift. Thanks for sharing.

  4. what's tang? besides that, the tea sounds great!

    kool aid isn't easy to come by here, so it would be great to hear of a recipe that requires juice instead...

  5. weesaweed must be young!!! tang was the powdered orange drink NASA used in the early space missions (1960's)

  6. I'll post Nanny's juice based version as soon as Mom sends it to me...

  7. aye, the 1960s took place well before my birth. shame, i would like to have been there.

    still, no NASA over here either, so might have missed out on tang all the same!