Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tae Kwon Do Socks

I used to always name my knitting projects by where I knit them - I had a certain bag that would go to Scout's TKD class - another one that would go to baseball practice - another one that would go to the movie theatre (for knitting in the dark) - etc. - but I haven't shown you my TKD project for a while...

This is the lovely Comfort Sock Yarn that sweet Kala gave me - Oh my - was that in July - I'm just using my favorite sock pattern - it's so easy and I have it memorized now - it's from Mama Goode's old booklet...

anywhooo...I have been knitting really (always) - and I have three (two girl and one boy) baby afghans finished and ready to be mailed - one I'll show you tomorrow - the other two will have to wait a bit...


  1. I made socks after you gave me the good advice. The sock knitting thing clearly needs practice - I shall put some shirring elastic in the tops and use them as bed socks, so not wasted.

    It has to be said that few people - if any - have feet the shape of my socks!

    But, I do brilliant gloves, fingerless gloves and mittens if you should like a pair. I can do fingers if I can't do toes!

  2. Knitting in the dark??? Now that is REALLY impressive!


  3. I love the colour of the yarn. Sure would love a pair ;-)

  4. those look so cozy! nice work!

  5. I love seeing how that yarn is working up, it makes me want to cast on with my skein!