Friday, November 13, 2009


Have I mentioned that we are having a lovely period of mild fall weather? - and believe me that is not always the case in November...
...there's a pile of book bags and jackets on the deck...

...and an impromptu game of tag football in the yard - I'm standing here by the window watching them play and sipping a cup of tea - just drinking it all in - their shouts and laughter and strategy (or stragety as we call it around here) - it's all good...


  1. It has been nice! It makes taking long "please come baby" walks more enjoyable. :)

  2. How fun. What a lovely fall day.

  3. Ha, it snowed here today - and melted already. Couldn't decide whether it was colder outside or in the arena where my kids were skating!

  4. It has been mild here - but windy! Gusts up to 80 miles an hour and intermittent pouring rain.

    Just walked down to the surgery for my swine flu jab - managed to avoid rain and it was very exhilarating, lovely.