Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite...Up to the Highest Height...

...Now you'll be singing that song in your head all day...

...Oh how I love Mary Poppins...

...and kites...

...Scout got a new kite...

...we had seen a young couple flying a kite (exactly like this one) in the big field to the east of the Church...

...Scout and I walked out to ask them where they got it - and they looked so abashed and they starting reeling in their kite quickly - they must have thought we were going to fuss at them for being on the Church property without permission...of course not - we love to look out our window and see a kite flying...

...anywhoo - they said they got it at K-Mart (and we were thinking it came from some fancy kite shop)...and Scout had money from his Grandma - burning a hole in his pocket - so we went and bought a kite exactly like theirs...

...we had sort of a windy/stormy spring day - but lots of fun!

...Oh and we're at the park (not in the field by our house) hence the trees - as it had rained and the field was pretty soupy...


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Wow! What fun!!! Kites are so neat!
    I found a sewing pattern at a yard sale recently for making kites of all sorts of different shapes!

  2. My oldest son has been enjoying flying his kite at the beach. It certainly is fun : )

  3. It's years since I flew a kite, must get one. There is a playing field nearby and it's often windy!

  4. very cool!!

    love, k

  5. What a beautiful kite! A perfect song to sing too.

  6. That is one cool looking kite!

    Thankfully we have a K-mart nearby so we'll check it out.

  7. That is one cool kite!! I used to love kites when I was younger!

  8. haha, that reminds me of the beautiful kite i brought home from china, and it's first flight in the US... the North Dakota winds took it away...and my husband and I attempted to run it down, but it got away. And Mary Poppins!! I got to watch that again last weekend. Good stuff!