Friday, May 14, 2010

I made Vegan Eggs - and they were AWESOME

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...and if you've not seen the 'eggs' yet...

...this is one of those "You're not going to believe this..." posts...

...but it's true - I made vegan poached eggs - and all of the details are over at The Vegan Version...


  1. Wow, those look yummy. I'll go to the other site in a minute, but I wanted to thank you for stopping in to 'see' me and leaving me messages. You'll have to let me know if you try the smoothie. It really was delicious.

  2. I am not vegan, but that is really impressive!! That is awesome that you are finding great alternatives :) and they look beautiful also!

  3. How on earth?!?!? Guess I'm hopping over to find out...

  4. I enjoyed seeing how you made those. They really do look just like the real thing. I bet they were also very yummy!

  5. y, that is even a little bizarre to think about...vegan poached eggs?! I am so going to have to check out what that is all about.