Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lutheran World Relief - School Kits

I know I'm supposed to be QUILTING!

...but I also had to get the school kits assembled and off to the Church so they could be packed up for Lurtheran World Relief... we got our assembly line rolling and made up the kits...

...I know the instructions say to return to the Church by May 2nd - but we got a reprieve - they don't have to be back until the 9th...

...Here they are - all packed up and ready to go...and make some child very happy!!!

Edited to add the link to the pattern for the tote bags - TOTE BAG PATTERN


  1. hey - cool and very nice of you to do this.

    you didn't say, but i assume you made the tote bags?

    love, k

  2. i was wondering the same thing as karen - did you make the tote bags? they are cute. :)

    and brand new crayons and note books - what fun! what possibilities!

  3. It's wonderful that your church is doing this for the needy children. If ever you want to expand your mission field, I know some very needy kids in East Africa ;-)