Monday, May 10, 2010


I just wanted y'all to know that it is starting to be Springtime here...

...the geese are nesting and the grass is turning green...and the tulips have spring will be here in earnest soon...


  1. All your snow is gone. It must feel good to see some green grass.

    I hope yo had a wonderful mother's day.

  2. We heard you had snow last Friday. Glad it's gone and you have signs of SPRING. MOM

  3. Good for you! We are expecting about a foot of snow in the next few days. So more photos for us snowbound folk please!

  4. The snakesicles will be thawing out!

  5. I'm a Lutheran, LCSM. we also send quilts and health and school bags of LWF. I love to sew on them. Our daugher is married to a Lutheran Pastor in Houston, and our son is a Lutheran Pastor in Austin. Small world.
    I love your blog.