Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lutheran World Relief Quilts #5 and #6

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We really are coming right down to the wire on this year's donations...

...this one is one of my very favorites - it's all flannel and so soft...and you can see where we goofed and put two red blocks together - oh well...

...and then one in pink polyester stripes - it should wear well - and the stripes are certainly quick...

Lutheran World Relief - Quilts


  1. Two red blocks together - oh no! No-one will want this poor mis-matched quilt!!!!

    We can't get flannel here, which is very odd.

    The quilt is - in fact - really very nice (English understatement).

  2. Both quilts are lovely! And I think the two red blocks next to each other are a great touch! Gives it a little something extra!! :)

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I have enjoyed visiting both of yours!

  3. I'm sure you probably have mentioned in earlier posts, but do you know where LWR will send the quilts?