Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Yorkshire Gold

Y'all know how much I love my tea...
...well, a few weeks ago my super-transatlantic-blogging friend Maureen mentioned this tea in an email... of course I googled it and bought some online - it came in the mail yesterday, all the way from England...

...and was my afternoon tea...

...Thanks so much Maureen! - it was truly delicious - as I knew it would be - now I'll have to ration it...


  1. what fun!
    aren't blogging friends great!
    and all the things we get to learn about and try because we are part of this little community. :)

    today would be a great tea day . . . rainy and cold. i'm going to bake some bread now that i am DONE with my article!

  2. how pretty! that inspires me - i happen to have a pkg of Tazo Wild Sweet to brew!!

    love, k

  3. Teresa, there was no need to buy it online, I would have been only too happy to send you a pack. You do so much for other people you deserve someone to do something for you.

    It is good though, isn't it!