Monday, August 23, 2010

Around the House - another small project

...since the mailman won't deliver mail when the snow piles up on the street and also becauce the mailbox was looking sort of rickety...

...we decided to move the mailbox into the driveway (the mailman has plenty of room to turn around there and we live on a dead end street)...

...there's a lot of red tape involved in moving a mailbox - we had to meet with the Postmaster and he had to come out to the house an inspect the site...

...once we got the OK - we got busy building a new mailbox stand (the Man did all that work and wouldn't allow any pictures)...then we dug the hole - we used a borrowed auger - it was different from the post hole diggers that I'm used to - as you turn it into the ground like a drill instead of pinching the worked though...

...and here's the pretty new mailbox in all it's glory...we watched the mail delivery out the window to make sure it all went well...

...then Scout got to have the fun of destroying the old mailbox...

...we donated the mailboxes and stored the re-usable wood in the shed...


  1. Looks much better, but why two mailboxes now? MOM

  2. I guess I should have looked closer, just didn't see the white box on top. One must be yours, and the other the church's. MOM

  3. How did you even know that you had to contact the post master? I would've just acted first and asked questions later.

  4. What a splendid mailbox! It looks very sturdy and professional. I have a certain sympathy with the mailman, so many drives and so much snow!

    Mailboxes are very rare here, we mostly have a 'letterbox' in the front door. If they are near the bottom of the door it can be hard for the postie. Ours is mailbox height.

    Sad to think of snow, it feels very autumnal here, it's very early this year. I'm going to stock up on provisions in case we have another snowy winter.

  5. Awesome project! Now you will get your mail and your mailbox won't fall over in the street! I love it; you all are so resourceful! Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  6. wow, i didn't know there was red tape involved in moving a mailbox. i live in an apartment building so my mailbox and everyone else's is in the hall of the building. i gotta give it to you, your way is so much more fun then mine eheheh