Monday, August 09, 2010

Meet 'Mander'

Scout has a new critter... 'Mander' - he's Scout's new Tiger Salamander...

...he bought the habitat months ago - before our trip down south - and he's been saving for a while to get the Salamander to go in the habitat - that boy has a one track mind sometimes - love that...

...right now Mander is doing a lot of hiding - but I'll get a better picture of him soon - after he's had some time to adjust to his new home... of our fellow scouts took the Reptile Merit Badge class at camp a couple of weeks ago - and to finish the requiements, he has to care for a reptile for a month - guess who he's 'borrowing' a reptile from...


  1. I love salamanders! They are such cool animals. Have fun!

  2. You can buy salamanders? I had no idea. That's funny Mander is hiding for a bit.
    Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  3. eeewww - i never liked 'em! glad he's happy, though! love,k