Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The very first ripe tomato...

...it seems so late to be picking the very first ripe tomato of the year...I'll probably be covering these guys up to protect them from frost here pretty soon - or else lining every window in my house with tomatoes at varying stages of ripening - or making a huge batch of fried green tomatoes...

...although the tomatoes did quite well - no blossom end rot or other problems - they certainly did not do as well as they would have if they were planted in a proper garden...I'm thinking the soil here was just not very good...oh well - next year - right...

...this little one will make one perfect tomato sandwich - I guess the Man and I will have to fight over it...Scout probably will not be in that competition...


  1. Still, there is nothing better than eating food you've grown yourself!

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I read recently that you can hang tomato plants upside-down indoors and the tomatoes will continue to ripen. I've never tried it though.

  3. I had the same thing happen with my tomaotes... I had to grow container plants and they're just now ripening. Can't wait until I have a yard! : )

  4. wow! that's amazing that you're getting your first ripe ones! i've already pulled up my plants and mowed over the garden down here!

    looks yummy, though!

    love, k

  5. One 'mater sandwich, cut in half equals two happy people.
    Would that life were so simple!

  6. You are too funny - Scout won't be competing for the lone tomato. My tomatoes are taking forever to ripen too, and mine are not in containers! I don't know what's going on. Good luck with the sandwhich. ;) Be well, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  7. ooo. i have grown to love tomatoes - and mine are just ripening as well.

    it was fun to catch up on your news - bullheads and school and music and aquaria and trucks and bulldozers, etc.

    looking forward to checking in a bit more regularly . . .

    love, ~e

  8. We've had an odd year in the garden this year, too - they really started coming in like two weeks ago - and now hardly anything!
    Seems autumn is on its way to the garden already! oof.

  9. That's one beautiful tomato!