Saturday, August 14, 2010


...remember that I did not plant a garden this year...

...but we have a super sweet parishoner who is taking care of us as far as fresh veggies are concerned...

...when she found out that we couldn't plant a garden (because of the backyard) - she just planted a couple of extra rows for us... every week or so - she brings in a bag of goodies - it's like having our own CSA...

...this week the bag had - fresh beets... onions...

...crisp cucumbers...

...and new potatoes...

...we've been having veggie feasts for supper...'ve been racking my brain to think of something nice to do for her in return - so let me know if you think of anything...


  1. cookies! everyone loves cookies!

    love, k

  2. Yum! Maybe make her some canned goods from the food she brings? Or knit some mittens for winter?

  3. What about a beautiful Christmas Cactus, so she will have something beautiful blooming this winter when the garden is gone?

  4. Socks - but not everyone is into them. I would make her some bread and butter pickles - mmmm, delish!

    I love beet(root) leaves. I cut the stalks small and boil them for five minutes before adding the green bits.

  5. Maybe bake some homemade bread for her - a quick bread or a yeast bread.

  6. Anonymous9:59 PM

    You could make her some cloth produce bags so that she doesn't have to use plastic when she goes to the store.

  7. Lucky you! Looks like it has been a very tasty summer for you.

    Garden books, garden gloves, and gardener's lotion/balm always make gardeners happy :) and I agree with the others, too...anything homemade or baked with love is always appreciated.

  8. What a lovely friend you have!

    You knit such beautiful things I would say some of your socks would be welcome as a thank you :0)

  9. Baked goods... cookies, quick breads... you can't go wrong with baked goods! Yum... but all the suggestions here are really nice...

  10. That was so sweet of her! What a loving gift! I second the canning idea, or maybe even a meal made from the goodies she grew for you.
    I also like the cloth produce bags idea. You could also make cloth produce storage bags from unbleached muslin and embroider some veggies on the outside. Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)