Monday, August 16, 2010

Picnic in the Park these summer days dwindle down to a very few - we are seizing every opportunity to be outside...

...we just packed up a simple (really simple) - seitan ham sandwiches, chips, and a pop (Coke to you southerners)...

...and headed to the park for a shady picnic and some play...

...Oh yeah - there was some knitting and reading too...

...Thank y'all so much for all the lovely gift ideas for my friend with the veggies - y'all had such great ideas - so, I think I'll make one of my shopping bags and fill it with some gardening tools and one of those cushy pads to put your knees on and also a zucchini bread or some muffins and a couple of jars of pickled beets and apple jelly from my cupboard...


  1. Thank you for calling it pop. My husband insists on calling it soda, it's just wrong.

  2. oh, the age-old pop/soda/coke question . . . :)

    we ate outside today, too. :)

    and it's so nice to be back!

  3. You veggie supplier will be wanting to supply you next year too, with all those "payments". MOM

  4. it looks so nice and pleasant there! eating outside is still a stifling affair down here.

    glad you had fun, love, k

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Sounds like a grand little picnic!
    Seitan ham sandwiches sound delicious! And we call it "soda" in NJ. ;)

  6. Oh it has been so incredibly hot here that I've been thinking of a simple picnic in the park too! Under the shade of a big willow tree. Maybe tomorrow will be the day because later this week we expect some much needed rain. Glad you are enjoying the dwindling days of summer.

  7. Back in the 1950's and 1960's all fizzy drinks were called pop. It was rarely coke as that was expensive, but more other fruit flavours.

    I see you have decided to give your precious donor pickled beets, amongst lots of other lovely things, but I noticed the cucumbers and onions and that is what made me think of bread and butter pickles.

    I first came across them in New Zealand and I make a batch now and again. I like them sweet and by good fortune I am the only one that likes them. Lucky me...

  8. Hmm pop, being from the South that always makes me giggle when I hear that. I love the gift you are making your gardening friend. It's so thoughtful!
    The days are a'dwindling. Yipe!
    Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  9. Yay! Picnics are so lovely. I am from Northwest PA and we call it Pop as well. I live in the South now, but I can't get used to everything being called "Coke".