Saturday, September 12, 2015

...more frozen corn...the easy way though...

...we got another couple of bags of fresh corn...

...and along the same lines as grandma's treatment of tomatoes...a friend here said that she just freezes the corn whole in its husk...'re trying that with this batch...just trimmed a little bit to fit into the bags well...and then we're chucking it all into the freezer...easy-peasie... do you freeze your corn?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. that's an excellent idea. next time someone "gifts" me some corn, i'll do that....hmmmm.....if there is any left over, that is!!!

    love, k

  2. That's cool way to freeze the corn. How does your friend cook it after thawing it out? I don't freeze any fruits or vegetables though I'd dearly love too. No space for a freezer. When I buy fresh corn, I cook it in the microwave in it's husk and it tastes delicious. I don't eat it that often so I'm not so concerned about the microwaves.

  3. It looks pretty but that's a whole lot of freezer space!