Friday, September 11, 2015


Daddy 1939-1993 would have been Daddy's 76th birthday...

...this photo was taken at Sea World...probably by Mom...
...remembering 911 too...


  1. I did take that picture, in 1988, just after we bought the Thunderbird, it's first trip to Florida. He would have been 74 today. I miss him, too. Always coincides with the Trade Center event. MOM

  2. No, it's me that's going to be 74, Of course he would have been 2 years older than me. I need to learn to check my comments before I send them. MOM

  3. August would have been my dad's birthday and while he's been gone
    for 18 years I still think of him every day. Our dad's were born in the
    same year.

  4. i was getting ready to argue with Mom about Daddy's age until i read her second comment!! thanks for posting that's one i don't have.

    love, k