Friday, September 22, 2017

...Friday Favorites...

...don't think I've ever mentioned it before...but I've been playing this little game/app for I think about 5 years now (it's pretty easy to play and a little bit better than a fidget)...I almost always have a game in progress...and 'fiddle' with it every time I have to wait in line or find myself otherwise bored...

...the only other game I play is Words with Friends with my sissie and my Mom...and we almost always have a game of that going as well...

...what games do you like to play on your phone?

~Have a lovely weekend...


  1. hey! i used to play that...don't know why i don't anymore. that is a huge score you have posted there!!

    in addition to words with you, i play "7 Little Words" and Red Herring (mom plays them too). i also have a game of hearts loaded that i play when i'm really trying to just kill a few minutes. duane plays spider solitare some with all 4 suits....i've played that in the past also but haven't lately. that's it!

    love, k

  2. (i meant the "best" score was huge btw)

  3. Sudoku and solitaire. I also have a Kindle app I use a lot when waiting!

  4. I can barely remember to turn it on much less play I'm almost a total Luddite!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      That's so funny...the Man calls himself technologically Amish...haha

      ~Have a lovely day!

    2. I call myself a "selective technologist." And pretty dang selective at that. ;) We're actually talking about getting the internet at home though. We'll see if we follow though...

  5. I don't have a cellphone, but we have a tablet at home that we play Lumosity games on. They're supposed to be brain training--math, language, concentration, multitasking, etc--but even if nothing else, they're pretty dang fun.