Saturday, April 14, 2018

...No Dinner and a Movie...

...sorry...but I was sick...just the one know that bug I'm sure...the first couple of hours you're pretty good friends with your bathroom...and then it begins to wane...and the time between those trips gets further and further apart...and then by morning you're better...

...and it all started for me just as dinner was was going to be one of my 'bowls' no loss there...the Man just popped it into the fridge when he was cleaning up the kitchen...bless his heart...

...and the funniest thing is that Scout and I were just talking the other day about how no one had been 'sick' in like 2 I think I got jinxed...

...but definitely go ahead and share your favorite we'll know what to watch next week!

~Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell but you did good by not being sick for 2 years!

  2. yeah, boo hiss. glad it was a short issue!

    love, k

  3. At least it was mercifully brief, bust still....that's too bad. I hope you're all unjinxed now that you took one for the team!