Monday, August 30, 2021

...8.30...Mountain Bike--Commuter Bike Conversion...Day 10...


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...the new fender paint has arrived...Rustoleum Gloss Cherry Red...I'm not worried about it sticking to the plastic because that's already coated with the Ford paint...which I guess we'll call a primer now...haha... I just poked some sticks in the ground again...and gave them a good coating of the new red paint...they are so pretty... now...let's see if the homemade liquid mask worked...IT DID!!! flakes right's perfect!
...I'm so happy that the rivets will still be shiny silver...the metal tabs were masked with tape and I wasn't worried about them... about the liquid mask over the SKS-Germany sticker...not sure what it was made of but I was afraid that the liquid mask might stick to it too well...
...but it flaked right off of that as YAY! for homemade liquid mask... here they are...I think they look really they came that way...haha... then it was just a matter of fitting them back on the bike...and adjusting everything... I figure what should have taken about 2 hours...actually took about 12...still I'm really pleased with the result!

~Have a lovely day!


  1. You're quite the mechanic!! Looking spiffy! Love, K

    1. Hey K,'s been a pretty fiddly process...

  2. I grew up in England, mud guards were standard on all bicycles. I imagine because for many people their bike was their only mode of transportation and it rains a lot in England and no one wants to arrive at work with their back soaking wet.

    Loving the progress on your bike. You inspired me to work on adjusting my bike brakes as the front one was rubbing really badly on the wheel, I got it to stop rubbing but now the front brake is rather ineffective, my hubby said he would take a look at it.

    Can't wait to see the finished refurb.


    1. Thanks Bean,
      ...Mountain bikes here are for off-road use and rarely have fenders...I think you're supposed to expect to get dirty riding one...haha...but I definitely need them for the type of riding that I do now...
      ~Have a lovely day!