Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hand-made and recycled

I try to make or buy a lot of hand-made things for Christmas - and the Man-Cub has a couple of young cousins (R&D if you're looking - don't spoil the surprise) - so at a local craft fair the other day - we found these cute little horsies - when you rock them they actually make the sound of a cantering horse (Their legs are loose and knock against the center block) - and you can go faster and slower for a trot or a gallop - it really does work and it's so much fun - little character dolls can ride them too - they are so sweet...

The Man-Cub made this 'recycled' Christmas Tree and we have it in the center of our dining room table - it's a folded up Reader's Digest sprayed green and decorated...

...Just a gratuitous photo of our tree - the presents are starting to pile up...


  1. that first photo is an optical illusion...i was trying to figure out how big the horses are. to me, it looked like they were the size of the chair in the background. i thought they were sitting on a rug on the floor...after reading your comments and seeing the next photos, i understand that they are sitting on the table. try to look at that first photo and see if you can see my first reaction.

    looks like fun and environmentally friendly. al gore will be proud! love, k

  2. That's funny - I see what you mean. They're wrapped and on their way south now...



  3. I had a similar first reaction, thought they were larger. Nice idea for the young boys. The cookie tree is neat. Looks like fun and delicious. Your big tree is doing the job. E