Friday, December 21, 2007

Teeny Tiny Dobok

A Dobok is a Tae Kwon Do uniform - I knitted one as a gift for the Man-Cub's Tae Kwon Do instructors (not during TKD class). Last night was the last class before Christmas break and the Man-Cub gave them (a husband/wife team) this little Christmas Tree ornament.

I just winged it - but I'm going to write out a pattern - I still have plans of making a solid white one for the Man-Cub - then I'll make a purple trim belt and he can change the belt to a red one (probably) for next Christmas and then it will be black after that...


  1. hey - yes that's very cute...i would have expected nothing less from you!

    bet you're busy - i'm baking right now....

    love, k

  2. Thanks Cass and Karen,

    Yep - I'm very busy - we're having family movie night - it's the Polar Express night here - we'll have soy hot chocolate - hot hot hot hot hot hot hot...



  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Where in ND are you? I'm in Grand Forks, where it's snowing like crazy right now!!

    That little ornament is TOOO cute!