Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last Minute Hand-made gifts - and knitting in secret...

I don't remember a Christmas when the Man-Cub didn't get pajamas - and this year will be no exception. When Mom came up in September she brought some camouflaged material - it's pretty thin so these will have to be summer pj's - that's ok 'though because his plaid flannel ones still fit fine. I did the same trick of just cutting around a pair of trousers to make the pattern - folding down the top and encasing some elastic (I even recycled the elastic from an old pair of underwear - YAY for recycling...)

Just add an Army surplus t-shirt and you've got a pair of pajamas...

...but what's a new pair of pajamas without a new pair of slippers - the fact that it's 3 days 'til Christmas won't keep me from starting a new project. I remember seeing something like a folded up triangle slipper way back in the 70s (yes I'm that old...)

...and the fact that I don't have a pattern won't keep from starting a new project either...
The Man-Cub and I went to see the Chipmunk movie today and I sat right beside him and worked on slippers to match his camo PJs. I started out knitting a white dishcloth - just like I always do at the theatre - then after the movie started and it was all nice and dark - I surreptitiously switched to the camo yarn and the slippers. These are super easy peasy lemon squeasy - and I will write out a pattern for them too. They are just a stockinette stitch square folded into a triangle and seamed up one side and about 2 inches up the other - then just fold over the top to make a little bootie.

Then after the movie we went ice-skating for the first time this season. They finally filled the outdoor rink at the park - and it was a balmy 5 degrees above zero - so we came home from the movie and bundled up (really well) strapped on our skates in the warming house and hit the ice. I was quite a bit more unsteady than the Man-Cub - who hit the ice running - literally. But, I stayed upright and he did not (he's a still lot closer to the ground than I am and I was carrying a camera so I was being very careful).

I'm wearing my Panta headband and new wristwarmers - I'll post a pattern for those soon too. (whew - I've got a lot of pattern writing to do...)


  1. hey! neat pj's, of course...and the skating looks coollllddd, but fun...

    love, k

  2. Hey - Merry Christmas - it was cold...