Saturday, December 08, 2007


Y'all remember last Saturday the Man-Cub and I went to the town's Nativity display? The Man-Cub mentioned that our Nativity set doesn't have a stable - so that had to remedied forthwith...

We made a big batch of salt dough and shaped it into a stable. We talked about what a stable in Palestine might have looked like - and decided that it probably wouldn't have been the wooden type that you often see with Nativity sets. So we decided to make ours out of 'mud and stones'...

We're letting it dry now and we'll paint it with water colors - in nice earthy tones - (the lump by the small window is a pile of hay (that will also provide some stability when it's standing up) and the stuff hanging over the rafters is also hay - I'm hoping that it will look more like what it is once it's painted a nice hay-ie color...)


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