Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Almost Boy Scouts

We had our next to the last den meeting - one more and then the Blue and Gold...

We had a civil engineer come and talk to the boys about bridges - they each made three different bridge models - it was really interesting to see their expressions with the addition of each of the supports - as they thought about how it worked...

and surveying - it was a lot of fun - it was 20 below zero so we 'surveyed' inside the church...

then we headed over to the scout meeting - and the Webelos got to meet their new Scout Master...

...they joined right in with the Scouts and had a tent set up race - whew - what fun!


  1. congrats to both of you - man cub for moving on - and congrats to you for hanging in there!! love, k

  2. All that at 20 below. We have a high of 23 today and it's pretty miserable. Great that he has such a good time at Scouts. E

  3. That sounds so cold, I cant imagine it. It going to be above 110 in Fahrenheit here on Saturday but that is just too hot and cant do anything when the weather is that extreme.

    Scout’s looks really interesting.