Saturday, February 28, 2009


I mentioned before that the Man-Cub's new Boy Scout Troop doesn't wear a neckerchief - they wear a bolo - they also don't wear a cap - preferring the Boy Scout Expedition Hat - and even though the new epaulettes sold on the Scoutstuff site are green - they've opted to keep the red ones. I guess I didn't realize that they had so much leeway with their uniform - but I've since read about other troops that do even more 'unique' things. This troop in Massachusetts for instance - interesting...

Anywhoo, since you can no longer buy the red loops - I had to make some - it was easy and the local Stuff-Mart actually carries red 1 ½ inch grosgrain ribbon - so I used my Cub Scout loops as a reference - each set (I had to make 5) cost me 16¢.

...and being the linguist that I am I find it interesting that they don't call them epaulettes on the scoutstuff site - they've dumbed it down quite a bit - and call them 'shoulder loops'...


  1. that is strange that they don't sell different colors on the website anymore! i thought the blue was for cubs and the red was for boy scouts....strange - wonder what green stands for? i don't think i've ever even seen green ones! good job, though! love, k

  2. Shoulder loops hey, I guess that easier for kids but I like the word epaulettes