Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jiggle Jiggle

Back before Valentines Day the Man-Cub said he wanted some Jello (isn't it amazing how well advertising works) - I explained to him what Jello is made of and we ordered some Jel Dessert from Vegan Essentials...

He made it all by himself (I know it's not difficult to 'make' Jello - but it was his first time) and it was pretty good - this is the strawberry version with a little bit of SoyaToo. Dontchajusluv the vintage Tupperware Jello mold...
OOOH that reminds me - what did I ever do with that pajama cloth (um - nothing ... yet...)


  1. What makes this jello set if it doesn’t have gelatin in it?

    I think Man Cub has excellent culinary skills. He is going to be a good catch in year to come and will be popular with the girls if he can make romantic heart shape jello’s such as this and I can forget to mention that delicious Indian food in the last post he cooked.

  2. Looks like vegan jello has improved. Last time I tried it I was not successful.

  3. Actually, for the most part, flavoured gelatin these days is mostly synthetic. Not healthy, no, but also not cow hooves.... it's the only way I can justify eating it, and I gave up my vegetarian ways years ago. ;)

    Anyway, love the mould! I actually was privileged enough to inherit my gramma's official Jell-o moulds. Wasn't sure if I was using them correctly, though. Are we supposed to do something special to the Jello for it to set properly, so it will retain the shape of the mould, or is it supposed to dip a bit in the middle?