Friday, February 20, 2009


The Man-Cub said how nice it would be to have a hot apple pie...

...I couldn't have agreed more - and we happened to have a bowlful of Granny Smiths... we worked together and chopped and rolled and put together a scrumptious pie...

...and then because he had the brilliant idea of decorating the pie with a smiley face instead of the pie crust leaves that I always make - what a fun memory this will be of the pie with the smiley face...


  1. little boys rock!

    they do such funny things - things us mom's wouldn't think of, but fun, just the same!

  2. How much fun. I loooove food faces!

  3. yup, they do-do such funny things!! pie looks great! love, k

  4. Granny Smiths make the best pie. And the funny face is cute. E

  5. YUM!! I like the way your son enjoys making so many cool things. He seems quite open and adventurous--good parenting there mom (and dad too I'm sure).