Sunday, February 01, 2009

Makin' Tofu

We used our new 'Tofu Box' to make some tofu - we used Brenda Wiley's instructions here. It was way easier than I thought and we're so happy to be able to make our own firm tofu as it's not available in the grocery store here.

We made our soymilk in the SoyQuick maker and added the coagulant - just Epsom Salts - then we strained the curds through some cheesecloth...

and plopped that into our 'tofu box'...

We put the cute little lid on and pressed the curds - a funny story about the 'lid' is that at first it didn't have the knob - we put it on and started pressing and then when we wanted to check the firmness - we realized that we couldn't get it out - HA - so we pried it out and turned the box upside down and finally got it out without damaging the fledgling tofu - we took it back to our workshop and added the knob - problem solved...

Here's our first block of finished tofu ever - YAY! One batch of soymilk makes enough tofu for about two people.

So we scrambled this up with some peppers and onions (in my sweet new non-stick pan) and had a yummy brunch - a couple of pieces of toast will stretch a small block of tofu to feed one more - YUM!


  1. I see that box was put to good use. The tofu dish looks delicious

  2. That is so great that you have used the tofu box. The Man cub must be pleased that it worked.

    You had me laughing about the lid. :)

  3. Such a good idea. We can't get firm tofu either and I would love to use the firm stuff as a sub for meat.


  4. Awesome! Tofu scramble is the best!

  5. hey, that's great - i can get firm tofu at wholefoods, so i'll probably just stay lazy.....looks yummy. love, k

    p.s. it's coooolllddd there (again!)

  6. I have wanted to make my own, but wondered how long it takes.

  7. That is sad that you do not have tofu where you are. Good thing you have a tofu box. It looks like it turned out well!