Saturday, February 21, 2009


The Man-Cub has an 'Exploratory Day' once each quarter and they offer all kinds of neat classes. He took 'Indian Cooking' this time and he was so excited about it that we had to replicate the recipe for supper when he got home.

First he washed the rice three times and put it on to cook - then he chopped all the vegetables by himself (note the two fresh bandaids on his little fingers...) - and cooked them in my new non-stick pan - while I made the flour tortillas (they're a little bit fussy and they used purchased ones for the class)...

This is my plate - there is a fork there but we didn't use them as the Man-Cub told us we were supposed to tear off bits of our flatbread and scoop up the rice dish with it - FUN!

Indian Exploratory Recipe
1 potato - peeled and diced
1 tomato - diced
1 green pepper - diced
1 medium onion - diced
1 Tablespoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon curry powder
2 Tablespoons canola oil


Heat oil over medium heat - add mustard seeds and cook until they start to pop. Add curry powder and stir. Then add Potatoes, Tomatoes, Green Pepper and Onion. Salt and Pepper to taste. Serve with cooked Rice over a flour tortilla or flatbread.

...And yes - that's Nanny's Cloth as a table runner - Love it!


  1. All this food makes me hungry. Interesting way to eat. Table runner is pretty. E

  2. I like the whole idea Exploratory day, it seems a fun way to learn about other places and cultures.

    I love indian food too.

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    yummm. there is so much great indian food in London, as there is a large indian population... BUT I haven't had it in awhile. now I am craving it!