Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Den #1 is no more...

It's sad I know but Den #1 has met for the last time as a Den. They will receive their Arrow of Light at the Blue and Gold Banquet on Sunday and attend their first Scout Troop meeting next Thursday...

We finished up our Engineer Activity Pin by making a simple Block and Tackle.

And we put the finishing touches on our Leave No Trace poster - instead of a skit at the B&G they will do a 'Leave No Trace' presentation - it should be fun and informative...

I'm really happy about this transition. I will stay on as Cub Master for the Pack but the Man-Cub won't be going to any more Pack meetings. I have really mixed feelings about this - should I take time away from my family to serve as Cub Master...


  1. That could be a dilemma. I suggest a short run, then on to other things. E

  2. Hi Teresa!
    It's fun to meet a ND "neighbor" online! Did some browsing on yours- love the knitting... especially cause I'm not gifted in that area... the valentines- super fun!. I'm excited to keep visiting!

  3. hey - you'll figure it out, i'm sure. did you fix the conflict/meeting/class times for the man-cub? love, k