Monday, February 23, 2009

The Arrow of Light

At last night's Blue and Gold Banquet - the Man-Cub received his Arrow of Light Award.

We are so proud of our overachieving scout - He earned all twenty of the Webelos Activity Pins (We're kinda worried about the Scout Badges - I think there are 212 of them...)

...but he's one well decorated scout...

I need to make a few changes to his uniform for Thursday night's Troop meeting. Some patches have to come off and some new ones put on - His new Troop does not wear a neckerchief - they wear the Scout Bolo - this was a parting gift to each of the new Boy Scouts from their Cub Scout Pack...


  1. congrats of course to both the man-scout and mom-scout!! (you're going to have to figure out a new pet name!!) love, k

  2. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll save every pin/badge, etc, but in case he gets older and you wonder how to store it all: Greg's Mom had it all framed together. I think his Eagle Scout things are in the middle, and it spans out from there. I'm not an expert on it all, but Greg sure is! I've always told my girlfriends, "Marry an Eagle Scout, they can fix ANYTHING." I love to watch Greg span his eyes over the frame and tell me about all the badges and what he did to earn them. No wonder he is so useful!

    Way to go Mom!


  3. Congrats to your son. What an accomplishment!

  4. Conrgats. He does looks well decorated.

  5. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Congrats to Man-Cub! I wish I'd been in Brownies, but ours were kinda religious (or at least my friend's one met at a church...)