Saturday, March 31, 2012

...a frugal breakfast smoothie...

...did you know..."There is absolutely no nutrient, no protein, no vitamin, no mineral, that we know of, that cannot be obtained from plant-based foods." ~Michael Klaper M.D...neat...huh?...

...this morning...I had a lone banana...just on the cusp of being way too ripe...sometimes I freeze them at this point...for smoothies...or banana bread...these overripe ones are really nice for that because they're so very sweet...but I prefer them firmer and 'greener' for eating plain (with ground flax seed...another favorite brekkie...) I peeled it and tossed it in the blender...

...with a handful of flax seed and some strawberries...and a little water...that's all...

...and breakfast was simple and so good...


  1. That looks so good- I have been wondering about the already ground flax seeds... What is the self life - and how do you store yours. I thought I had read somewhere that you need to grind them and use them right away.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. That looks good - the strawberries especially look very red, ripe and juicy.

  3. Looks delicious. Mine are similar but I add 2% milk, dried milk and a shot of vanilla.

  4. lynn - i keep my ground flax in the fridge - i think that keeps it quite well . . .

    and teresa - that smoothie looks very tasty. :) and all of your blooming plants are lovely! we are a few weeks to a month behind you, i think . . . our trees are starting to leaf out and our grass is greening up. :)

  5. @lynn
    Hi Lynn,

    I keep both kinds of flax seed...whole ones that I grind and sometimes use whole to make a sticky gooey perfectly clear egg replacer...and the already ground kind...I keep both in the freezer...and that works well for us - we've never had any go rancid...

    Have a lovely day!