Monday, March 26, 2012

...just one of the neat little things about our new home...

...the blue slate in this photo is going'll be replaced by a neutral Travertine soon...

...but I'm still stowing away the last of our boxes...and the winter coats will go in this cedar lined seems so strange to be making the big seasonal clothes switch this early...but Scout was asking for shorts the other we'll surely have a cold snap - right?...

...but first I'll put my wedding dress can stay at the back as it shouldn't be needed for a while...

...when do you switch your winter clothes for spring/summer clothes?...


  1. hey - enjoyed your spring outdoor photos too!

    i don't switch out clothes - they all just stay piled around and in the closets. which really need a good "spring cleaning" by the way!

    love, k

  2. I don't really switch. We try and keep our wardrobe limited enough that we don't really switch out one wardrobe, rather the winter and summer stuff just sort of migrates to the far end of the closet at the appropriate time.

  3. Switch?! Bah, I am no where near that organized! We don't really store our winter coats; I just put them in our closets. Since it can get chilly here at night during almost all of the year, we keep light jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts out. At the same time we have shorts, and short sleeves. I try to keep things pared down but it's a but trying with four smallish kids.

  4. I like your wide entry way. I don't store my clothes by season either as I've no where to store them. It can be challenging finding room for everything though.

  5. We have had a mini summer so summer clothes are coming out of hibernation!

    However, I know that this sunny weather can turn back into frosty nights until May! This means warmer stuff stays within grabbing distance!!