Friday, March 23, 2012


...I wish I could have done this post on St. Patrick's Day...rainbows and gold and all...

...the rainbow, of course, is from our back's been really stormy of late...

...and the bag of WV goodies and the gold coins are a welcome gift from a 'talk' that the Man gave at a breakfast...

...just some of the gold that we're thankful for in our new community...

...what 'gold' is in your life right now?...


  1. Oh, a rainbow! We have been having some stormy weather here with a doozy expected tomorrow. At least the pollen count is down a little.

  2. All is well here. I hope you guys are feeling right at home in your new congregation.

  3. the sun is breaking through the fog just now. and i've been posting lots of "gold" on my blog this week. :)

    happy, happy friday to you!

  4. spingtime, that's golden!! love, k

  5. Lots of gold here, new and old friends sketching in and around the Cathedral.

    Wonderful Spring weather, the scent of wallflowers and polyanthus were so strong in the Bishop's Gardens.

  6. I've always wanted to get to the end of the rainbow to pick up my pot of gold ;-)