Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Good Turn

The Man-Cub's Pack collected food for the needy at the local grocery store again. He was much more assertive handing out the flyers this year. He was paired with a Tiger Cub (very shy) for his hour shift. I think it works well to have an older Cub help a younger one like this - we should probably do more in that way - maybe I'll take my Webelos Den to a Tiger Cub meeting and have them help with the craft, etc. I hope that next year in his last year as a Cub Scout - the Boy Scouts do some integration activities so that the transition will be less difficult.

They collected over $200 in donations and over 500 lbs of food - YAY!


  1. hey - that looks like a good idea. our cubs left a grocery bag on the door with a flyer that they would return on Saturday to pick up the bag with donations inside....didn't work too well except for the people we actually knew.

    love, k

  2. Hey K,

    We do scouting for food in the springtime here - April usually - but in SC we did it in Feb - haha - this food drive was to stock the local pantry for the holidays. They did a super job.



  3. Your scouts are very active. Nice that they think of others and help fellow scouts, too. E