Monday, November 19, 2007

Peach Calzone

I know you're thinking what's the picture of apples for with that title. Well I do have a lot of apples still to work up - but I found a lone package of frozen peaches in the freezer - not really enough for a full pie - but I didn't want to let them go bad...

So I made a half a pie crust (my trusty oil recipe from the sidebar) and just mixed the peaches with a little sugar and flour...

It was really good - and made a perfect 3 serving size - I may do this more often...


  1. Still not sure why apples are in the picture with that title but the peach calzone does look like a good idea for three people and a small amount of anything. E

  2. Hey Mom,

    The apples were there because I should have made an apple calzone and left the peaches in the freezer - but I was getting out some rhubarb to make pies for the church bazaar when I found the peaches and I'm tired of apples right now - so I made peach instead.