Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Going Into Winter

by Hubert Witheford

I am in the full blast.
I begin to understand
Was I ever
Out of it.

The trees relax gradually
Into nakedness
But today the leaves hurtle past me.

Each morning
I wake earlier
The chances
That will never happen again,

The deluded sparrows
Who think it is dawn.

We've had our first little snow - that will probably stay on the ground now - Just in time for Thanksgiving. The Man-Cub was thrilled to see it this morning - and our bird feeder was blown from it's tree and crashed - the deluded sparrows still fluttered to the seeds on the ground...'s still snowing...


  1. We got snow too! It's beautiful and sparkly . . .

    And you've been tagged for the 7 things meme, unless you've already done it. Check out my blog for the details . . .

  2. hey t, sorry i haven't posted lately...busy, busy! i'm getting ready for turkey day dinner now, just taking a break - it's mostly done or in the oven....

    love, k

  3. We had a few flakes of snow yesterday, but nothing stayed. I guess your "winter" has started. E