Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My den was responsible for the skit at last nights pack meeting. Here they are practicing their skit - 'Lewis and Clark get lost'.

The Man-Cub is Clark - in the 'coonskin' cap.

The theme for the month was Indian Nations and I must say that it was difficult to find a skit that wasn't insensitive/derogatory to Native Americans - this one was pretty cute - it's not vegan 'though.

Character: 4 Native Americans, Lewis and Clark
Scene: 4 Native Americans on stage, Lewis and Clark enter.
Lewis: Hello my name is Lewis.
Clark: And mine's Clark, and we're exploring our way across this new
Native American 1: We don't think its' a new land. We've lived here for many moons.
Lewis: Great! You should know your way around very well.
Clark: And that's great because you see, we are lost. Could you help us
find our way to the Missouri River?
Native American 2: Missouri River? Never heard of it.
Native American 3: Me either. I've heard of the Misery River, but it's downstream quite a ways.
Native American 4: I once ate some liver from a cow from Missouri, but I guess
you're not looking for the Missouri Liver.
Lewis: You are all crazy. You've lived here all these years, and you can't
tell us how to get to the Missouri River?
Clark: You must not roam much.
Native American 1: That may well be, but at least we aren't lost!


  1. How cute!! The pie and casserole look tasty, too. E

  2. Hi Mom,

    We had a lot of fun with the skit - I'm going to try and post a video of the Native American Drumming too.