Friday, November 16, 2007

The Garden Asleep

We put the garden to bed for the winter last weekend - we tilled in a nice layer of compost - so it's all ready to go for next spring.

We still have some onions potatoes and cabbages from the garden in the veg bin of the fridge - but they'll all be gone soon - and then no more organic veg for a while...


  1. You have been tagged by a highly selective tagger (i'm a vegetarian knitter, though not vegan, i do prefer natural vegan yarns)...

    you're it.

  2. Your garden looks ready for the winter. I wish mine was as clear. We just have not had time to clean the stalks of corn and weeds from asparagus. Our poles and supports are still up. Well, maybe in the spring. E

  3. I'm sure you'll get to it - remember what a mess mine was when you were here. We've been lucky to have fall long enough to get it done - still no snow on the ground.