Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I made the twinkletoes - I needed some new slippers (Yes after much patching - the beloved Sacha slippers were patchable no more) and I happened to have some leftover black yarn (from Robert's afghan) - I didn't even need a whole skein.

It was fun and easy and I had a new pair of slippers in an evening...

My only changes were to add a little triangle of stitches to the strap...

And although these are adorably cute - they aren't easy to slip on and off...

I'm going to stitch little felt pads on the bottoms in hopes that they will last longer too...


  1. Nice footies. They look like a pair of ballet slippers. E

  2. Hey Mom,

    Yep - I think they're supposed to look like ballet slippers - I'm still going to make me another pair of some type that just slip on.