Saturday, November 10, 2007

Date Ball Donut Holes

I made these Date Balls - they sure are yummy - not what you would expect from the ingredients list at all. Recipe here - it's pretty far down on the page - search on the page for Crumb Donut Holes.

You'd never guess from this picture that this was going to be anything good.

Here I mixed in a cup of zucchini - yep - raw zucchini...

And here are the cute little donut holes - they don't really taste like donut holes - but they are yummy - when the Man-Cub got home from school these were on the counter and he promptly popped one is his mouth and said YUM!


  1. yup, this settles it - you're definitely "granola" he he he

  2. Funny - I didn't even think of that as a 'follow-up' post.