Saturday, February 02, 2008

Marshmallows Madness

A few months ago Hannah at Bittersweet posted about her Marshmellow-Mania - so the Man-Cub and I thought we would give it a try. We followed the recipe at Brownie Points and I got that link from Bittersweet. Of course I substitued AgarAgar for the gelatin in the original recipe.

We mixed everything up exactly as in the recipe - but it never quite reached the heights we expect for puffy pillowy marshmallows...

We poured the somewhat fluffy goo into a parchment lined pan and left it to sit for 10-12 hours...

When we dumped it out onto the cornstarch/sugar we knew that these were not the marshmallows for us...

So we dumped them in a big bowl and added some Organic Rice Krispies...

and voila - Vegan Rice Krispy Bars.

The Rice Krispy Bars were very good and I may make the goo again for just that purpose.


  1. Mmmm, those bars look really good! I've never tried making marshmallows before, I'll have to give it a go sometime.

  2. Nice that you could make marshmallows for the bars. What else would you use them for?? E

  3. That's great that the agar agar worked for this!

    What else to use them for?
    Making fudge, adding snipped up to fruit salads, giving away as a gift to your friends, stirring into hot cocoa...