Saturday, February 16, 2008

This soup

This soup is posted over at I only posted this picture here because of the 'good' china. That's what the Man-Cub calls my hand-me-down blue and white bicentennial dishes - I guess because we keep them in the china cabinet and anytime they need a pressie - he and his Papa are looking for new pieces that I don't already have - you can read all about it here - and see the current (ridiculous) prices... is true that I don't use them a lot - so when we do it makes them seem a little special - and the Man-Cub insists that we all three stand at the kitchen sink and wash the 'good china' by hand - it reminds me of when he was a toddler and would ask to 'wash-wash' and I'd take all the plasticware down and get him a chair to stand on so he could wash dishes - which he said with the cutest little lisp - so it sounded like di-his....awww sweet...


  1. hey, i went and looked at the ingredients for the soup - it sounds yummy - doesn't look yummy, but sounds yummy (just kidding, of course) love, k

  2. It was yummy - a little too warm for my taste - but I'm pretty mild like that...