Monday, February 11, 2008

Vegan Feathers

I have my crafting cut out for me this week as the Man-Cub's play will be next Tuesday and he needs a Musketeer costume. We can't find an appropriate hat so I'll be making one of those - and it will need some feathers - which even if we could find them here in Tinytown - they wouldn't be vegan...

So I took some pipe cleaners and some lengths of old (and I really do mean old - this skein has been in my craft box for at least 20 years) acrylic craft yarn and tied them on and trimmed them to the shape of a feather...

Pretty neat!


  1. Wow! Those are great, I'm impressed by your ingenuity!

  2. how cute - love, k

  3. p.s. i printed your recipe from yesterday to share at work - to make it like mil, just add back butter and milk? (i guess that's an ugly question here?) l, k

  4. Feathers are a great idea. Looking for photos of final costume. E