Friday, February 22, 2008

Guess What??? You're Right!!! A Contest!!!

I've never done a contest before - but I've had a lot of fun entering other people's...(and I've won a couple too!)

This one's not in honor of anything - it's just for fun. The winner(s) will receive a handknit dishcloth and something else and something else - I haven't gotten that far yet...

They'll even get to choose the border color for their cloth - don't worry I have every imaginable color in my stash...

So here's all you have to do:

Post a comment with a guess as to what this photo is... and the usual - if you post on your blog about the contest you get an extra entry and if you refer someone you get an extra entry...

I'm taking our 4-5-6th graders on a retreat this weekend so I won't be back 'til Sunday - I'll post the winner(s) Monday...

Have Fun!


  1. Well, my first inclination in seeing trail mix and clean socks is that it looks like a camper's care package, but I think the man-cub must still be a bit young for those novels...

  2. hey, i think i know the answer - because i was talking to mom and she told me something you were doing....but it will ruin the mystery if i put in my guess! what a quandary! love, k

  3. Yes, I think I have insider knowledge. E

  4. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Sorry. Look please here

  5. Anonymous9:34 PM

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