Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The things in the window

Someone asked about the other things in the window

They are a votive holder with the Man-Cub's thumb prints painted on (that we use to hold the aluminum tabs from drinks - they collect them at his school - not sure why...)

A bird whistle from the Frula concert - you fill it with water and blow and it - it sounds just like a bird -

Three pennies - 2 Canadian ones - the Man-Cub still collects these - they were pretty rare in SC - but fairly common here - and a wheat penny -

The wooden tulip - hand painted by the Man-Cub when he was in 2nd grade -

A soap polar bear carved by the Man-Cub -

And a bead bracelet - sometimes called a 'Wordless Bracelet' - This was given to me at a Ladies supper at one of the other Lutheran Churches here in town - I must have taken it off to wash dishes and left it laying there...


  1. Ah! I carved soap when I was his age and I had completely forgotten about it! Thanks for the memory! (and I'm very impressed with his tulip)

  2. Thanks, we made those in Cub Scouts last year - it was a lot of fun - I think I did one in VBS when I was about 8 or 9 as well...