Monday, February 18, 2008


The guys I used to work with in Columbia loved Sushi - the dead fish kind - so we often went as a group to a sushi restaurant - where of couse I could have miso soup and whatever vegan rolls the chef would make for me - apart from the smell of the other food it was quite nice - and the guys often 'tried' my vegan fare...

I've posted before about a friend here - whose mother was a WWII bride from Japan - we had the Asian potstickers at her house Her mother has recently moved to a retirement village and she often visits her there and they cook together - guess what they made this week...

Vegan sushi - and they made me three huge rolls - I popped two of them in the freezer - they are so yummy and I'm so lucky...


  1. I love vegan sushi! We have a great Korean Market in town where I can buy nori and sushi rice in bulk, so we often have sushi nights with whatever vegetables I have on hand. Have you tried making it yourself, it's actually a lot easier than you'd expect :)

  2. yum, i'm going to research that and see what i can come up with. love, k

  3. I have made it myself - I even have the bamboo rolling mat and everything - but I don't have ready access to sushi rice or the nori sheets - so I'd either have to order it or get it while I'm in a city - My friend goes to GF regularly - so maybe she'll bring me some back...

  4. Well, nori is so light I bet you could get a decent supply in the mail, the rice may be harder to ship though.

    ... just checked and both are available through Amazon... Though if it's anything like my flour research, the shipping is probably prohibitively expensive. I'm such a thrifty Yank that I usually give up when it comes to the s&h!