Monday, February 18, 2008

A Frilly Shirt

The Man-Cub's costume for the play required a frilly white shirt - and it will only be once and seen from a distance on stage - so I didn't bother with buying a pattern or any fussy sewing. I cut around one of his shirts that fits him pretty loosely for the front and back and then I cut two long rectangles for the sleeves. I cut a slit for the neck and edged it all with binding - which also forms the string ties at the neck. After the neck - I seamed the shoulders with a little bit of a gather so the shirt will be a little bit blousy - On the sleeves I added lace at the cuffs (I wanted to add lace at the collar as well - like the square bib thingy I saw in a picture of the musketeers - but the Man-Cub thought the lace on the cuffs was quite enough) - I added some recycled elastic (from an old pair of underwear) to gather the sleeves at the wrist - and set them into the shoulders - then I seamed up the underarm and down the side waist in one fell swoop - and I was done = I don't think the entire project took more than an hour = YAY!


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