Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Blizzard

In addition to all the presents Santa brought a sleigh-load of snow with him - it's hard to tell exactly how much because of all the drifts - but the 'weather people' said 11-18 inches here... doesn't look like we'll get the cars out for a while...
...the Rose window at the church...
...Scout clearing the sidewalk in front of the Rose window...
...the south entrance to the church - have you ever tried to open a door with snow piled against it - impossible - you'd think it would be fluffy and move out of your way - but it's just not possible to move it...
...the trench created by a couple of passes with the snow blower...
...the wind blows the snow around so much that you worry that all your work might be in vain...
...but the Man perseveres and clears the sidewalk...


  1. Ok, that makes our blizzard look pretty wimpy. You guys are equipped with some serious snow-removal tools. We don't even own a snow shovel. Mike had to clear part of our driveway with a regular shovel, and we learned it doesn't work very well!!

  2. Wow.... that is a whole lotta snow!

    We're in for a major snow event on New Year's Day - let the shoveling begin!

  3. Just love the snow clearing device - just how cool is the 'blowing it out of the funnel!'

    I've just been to the sales to buy 'sensible' shoes - no luck. I hate buying shoes as I have difficult feet!

  4. Tell Mike, "stars in your crown, dear, stars in your crown!"
    We don't own a snow blower but we do use the John Deer tractor with front end loader to move snow. OTOH, we didn't leave the farm for a few days when our storm landed us with two feet of the white stuff.
    THANK YOU for the wonderful ornament! I'm writing a blog entry now, with photos, and am linking to your pretty and I am grateful!
    God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  5. The Blizzards in North Dakota made it to our local news. Your snow doesn't look soft and fluffy it looks thick and there to stay.