Thursday, December 31, 2009

Making Merry - the Antiques Edition

Scout and I did part of our Christmas schopping at the Antique store...

...we found these old coffee mugs - they're just like a set that the Man's Great Grandparents had - so of course we had to get those for him...

...and apparently the Man and Scout did some shopping there as well...

It'a a Fire King Sapphire Blue Glass Oven Ware Loaf Pan in the Philbe pattern from the late 40s or 50s - I already had the little one in the same pattern...

...I love it...


  1. What charming finds, I love things like this.

    I am spending New Years Eve alone - hubby has gone to stay with his 91 year old mother, just out of hospital. She went in Christmas Eve and has been tested, scanned, stabilised and proceeded upon since then. She has refused to go to convalesce. I suspect it is this stubbornness that has kept her going in such good nick!

  2. Nice gifts! I am such a sucker for things that my one grandma had around the house. Plates like hers, little Avon owl perfume decanters get snatched up when I see them...such a nice reminder of a person you love. Happy New Year!

  3. Those mugs are really cool.

    Happy backing,
    Mmm I can smell banana bread.

  4. An old-fashioned Christmas for sure. I've never seen cups like that but they are cute. MOM

  5. hey, you!

    i just saw all your christmas it all!!! especially the maw and paw cups!!!

    we've seen lots of the white stuff in the past couple of days in reno - i'll post later. have fun and i'm glad scout is enjoying himself.

    love, k

  6. I love the Maw and Paw mugs!

  7. Those mugs are just so fun!

    So glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  8. I LOVE the "maw" and "paw" mugs! My step dad called his parents those names! We have so many family "antiques" around comforting. Happy New Year!

  9. That might the most perfect size of casserole dish! You could make anything in it...just the right depth and just the right length. Good find!

    Happy New Year!!

    Indiana Lori